Evolving Research in Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Presented by NVivo

Learn from leading qualitative and mixed methods researchers.

This webinar series showcases the evolving research methods used with qualitative and mixed methods research. Join leading researchers to learn about their theoretical frameworks and practical suggestions in conducting rigorous qualitative and mixed methods research.
Collaborative Qualitative Research

January 24, 2023 - 12 PM EST |
Presented by:
Thalia M. Mulvihill,, Ph.D. Ball State University and Raji Swaminathan, Ph.D.University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

This webinar will showcase the newly published book by the authors, Collaborative Qualitative Research (Guilford Press, 2023) with particular attention to discussing collaboration within particular qualitative traditions—cross-cultural research, duoethnography, participatory action research, arts-based collaborations, and others. The authors are keenly interested in how researchers learn to build research teams, formulate research questions, gather and analyze data, assess how collaborations are working, and related ethical questions. The authors will provide samples of their within-chapter “Pedagogical Pathways” sections designed to provide those teaching qualitative reseach methods courses with practice exercises for their students and opportunities for reflection by all researchers.
Mixed Methods Research with NVivo

February 16, 2023 - 12 PM EST |
Presented by:
Professor Jane Elliott University of Exeter

This webinar will focus on how to maximise the capabilities of NVivo for conducting mixed methods research, and specifically for analysing the textual responses to open ended-questions embedded within a survey. The webinar will include: using text searches to help with automatic coding; the importance of stop words; refining your coding; using crosstab queries to analyse links between codes and attributes; the importance of understanding the structure of your data. The aim is to provide a very practical insight into the use of Nvivo. Examples will be drawn from a project that has analysed qualitative responses from 185 individuals aged 50 who wrote about their imagined future life at age 60.
How to Engage Students in Socially Constructed Qualitative Research Pedagogies

February 21, 2023 - 12 PM EST |
Presented by:
Janet C. Richards1, Audra SkukauskaitÄ—2, and Ron Chenail3

Based upon constructionist tenets, the presenters will offer innovative strategies and practical approaches to actively engage students in qualitative inquiry. The webinar is for instructors who wish to enhance their qualitative research pedagogies and creativity in teaching, and for students who appreciate helpful assignments and authentic scenarios through which they learn and practice qualitative research in a supportive and socially-rich environment.
Visual Methodologies: Reflecting on Research with Visual Materials

March 23, 2023 - 12 PM EDT |
Presented by:
Professor Gillian Rose School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

This webinar will give an overview of the significant changes in visual research methods, as reflected in the various editions of the book Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials (Sage, fifth edition 2023). It will focus on the changing theorisation of contemporary visual culture, the changing tools and technologies available to visual researchers, and the changing demands on academic practice.