Evolving Research in Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Presented by NVivo

January 2023 - March 2023
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This webinar series showcases the evolving research methods used with qualitative and mixed methods research. Join leading researchers to learn about their theoretical frameworks and practical suggestions in conducting rigorous qualitative and mixed methods research. Learn more & register today
  • Coding the Real World: What is Real World Evidence in Health
  • Qualitative Data Analysis Beyond the Interview
  • Situational Analysis Extending Grounded Theory
  • Introduction to Thematic Analysis
  • Narrative Portraits in Qualitative Research
Organize your Writing: From First Draft to Publishing
Presented by Citavi
January 2023 - April 2023
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This webinar series shows ways you can organize your writing throughout the writing process from literature review, reference management, pre-writing, writing the first draft to publishing. Join leading experts on writing to learn practical skills to improve your writing. Learn more & register today. Learn more & register today
  • Guide on How to Structure a Thesis, Report or Paper
  • Organizing Information in your Field of Study
  • Qualitative Findings to Writing the Conclusions
  • Develop Scientific Arguments with Citavi