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September 21, 2021

Expand Your NVivo Knowledge: Register For A Pre-Conference Workshop

Our pre-conference workshops allow you to expand upon your NVivo knowledge by attending a specialized virtual session facilitated by an NVivo Expert. Held prior to the conference on September 21, you can participate for just US $25 per workshop. All workshops are 2 hours in length.
Harnessing NVivo Classifications for Different Research Designs

Classifying factual characteristics about the units of analysis in a qualitative or mixed-methods study is one of the most powerful features of NVivo, yet is an aspect that users sometimes struggle to harness appropriately for their research design. Do you need File Classifications or Case Classifications - or even both? This workshop discusses the issue using three research design examples (straightforward, complex and longitudinal) to help unpack the thinking that allows for the power of classifications in NVivo to be realized. Through discussion and illustrations, it will be revealed how research design drives the use of NVivo classifications, and how clear conceptualiszation of the units of an analysis can enable patterns, relationships and comparisons to be made in concrete and in-depth ways using File and Case classifications. The examples used are transferable to other research designs and the workshop will equip you with the mindset to make appropriate choices for your project. It will also be illustrated how classifying your data can subsequently be used to interrogate patterns and relationships. Accompanying the workshop are resource materials to consolidate your thinking and the trainer will be available afterwards to discuss your project and troubleshoot your use of NVivo classifications. 

Facilitator: Dr Christina Silver, FAcSS, manages the CAQDAS Networking Project (CNP), which provides information, advice and training in software designed to facilitate the analysis of qualitative data. Christina has been using and teaching NVivo for more than 20 years, and is co-author of Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guide (Sage, 2014) and Qualitative Analysis Using NVivo: The Five-Level QDA Method (Routledge, 2018). 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 5 AM EDT  |  10 AM BST  |  7 PM AEST
Managing and Analyzing Mixed Methods Data with NVivo

Attendees will learn how to best manage complex and varied data sources using NVivo's folders, cases, sets, classifications and attributes to facilitate combined analyses. Strategies for combining, comparing, and converting (transforming) data from single and mixed sources in order to develop an integrated analysis of data and results from those sources will be demonstrated and explained. The value of memos and maps in developing integrative thinking and reports in a mixed methods project will also be discussed and demonstrated. 

Facilitator: Dr Pat Bazeley is Director of Research Support P/L and Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney and Torrens Universities. Pat has 30+ years of experience as a research consultant and has published books and articles focusing on data analysis and/or use of software for management and analysis of qualitative and mixed methods data. 

Date & Time: 9/20/21, 7 PM EDT  |  9/21/21, 12 AM BST  |  9 AM AEST 
Speeding Up your Writing Process with Citavi

In this workshop you'll learn how using Citavi and NVivo together can help you speed up the writing and publishing process in the following ways:
  1. Analyze your literature review to find your key themes
  2. Organize your writing  by planning tasks, outlining and taking notes
  3. Write up your research in a more efficient way
  4. Publish your paper with formatted citations and visualizations 

Facilitator: Jenny Schultz, MA/MLIS, whose interest in reference management software started over 13 years ago during an academic library internship in which she led software training sessions. This interest was strengthened while working for Citavi for over 10 years, where she helped advise and train users and create support materials. Jenny loves helping students and researchers make their research and writing process better organized and more efficient. 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 10 AM EDT  |  3 PM BST  |  9/22/21, 12 AM AEST 
Practical Application of Reflexive Thematic Analysis in NVivo

Learn how to apply the six stages of Reflexive Thematic Analysis (Braun and Clarke, 2006, 2020) using NVivo as your data management tool.  This two-hour workshop will show the practical application of one of the most popular data analysis methods used in qualitative data analysis globally. See the sample project that comes with all copies of NVivo enacted through each of the six stages as set out in the guidelines from the two seminal authors in this domain. Learn about the many tools in NVivo that may be deployed during coding, retrieval, and reporting on your identified themes. There will be ample time to interact with the trainer who will address questions arising from the demonstration and/or participants personal experiences to-date of using reflective thematic analysis in their research endeavors. 

Facilitator: Dr. Ben Meehan is a QSR certified platinum level NVivo trainer and consultant. Ben is the founder of QDATRAINING Ltd. 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 9 AM EDT  |  2 PM BST  |  11 PM AEST 

Using NVivo for Literature Reviews

NVivo can be a powerful tool to help you conduct your literature review in an effective and efficient way. In this session, attendees will be taken through the process and tools needed to conduct an effective literature review using NVivo. This includes: importing and working with pdf files and an endnote library, creating and working with notes and memo's in NVivo, working with codes and understanding how best to code and what to code for an effective literature review and the use of queries in NVivo, such as text search and coding queries to get the most out of your literature. The workshop is relevant to researchers at all stages and across all disciplines and is suitable for those new to NVivo, as well as more experienced users. 

Facilitator: Dr Anuja Cabraal is an experienced qualitative researcher, and a certified NVivo trainer with over 16 years of research experience. She has taught qualitative research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and works on projects from a wide variety of disciplines. She enjoys all things related to qualitative research. 

Date & Time: 9/20/21, 7:30 PM EDT  |  9/21/21, 12:30 AM BST  |  9:30 AM AEST 

Teamwork with NVivo

This workshop highlights tips for setting up your NVivo project and team for efficient analysis using NVivo. The workshop provides a practical checklist of items to consider when planning teamwork with NVivo, including: NVivo project setup, team organization and team analysis processes, coding tips, merging projects, queries applicable to teamwork, overview of other applications that support teamwork in NVivo (i.e., Citavi, Collaboration Cloud, Collaboration Server). A sample NVivo project is used to demonstrate project setup, coding tips and queries. Attendees will have time to practice and ask questions. By registering for this workshop, it will be assumed that you  have a basic knowledge of NVivo (i.e. can import Files, set up Codes and perform Coding). 

Facilitator: Laura Lagendyk is an NVivo Certified Platinum Trainer with 20+ years’ experience leading academic and applied health research and evaluation teams and projects. Laura offers NVivo training and consultation services for individuals and teams through her company, QuotesWork.ca, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 10 AM EDT  |  3 PM BST  |  9/22/21, 12 AM AEST 
Visual Insights Using NVivo

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how visuals can impact your understanding of your data, as well as the understanding of your audience. This session will explore: word cloud and word tree, group query connection map, how maps can be used before, during, and after the project work, role of diagrams in the analysis process, using charts with codes and with cases/attributes, visualizations with Twitter and social network analysis visualizations (Windows oOnly).  

Facilitator: Dr. Stuart P. Robertson is an experienced educator who began working with NVivo during his doctoral course work. For nearly twenty years he has provided training and project consultation services worldwide for both individuals and organizations in the academic, government, not-for-profit, and commercial sectors. 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 1 PM EDT  |  6 PM BST  |  9/22/21, 3 AM AEST 
Program Evaluation using NVivo

Qualitative data can provide important depth of understanding in program evaluation. NVivo supports evaluators at all stages of the evaluation process, from reviewing literature and program documents, developing or refining a theory of change and logic model, and working with a variety of qualitative data types. This workshop will demonstrate a variety of tools that evaluators can use to organize and analyze nonnumeric data, including maps, coding, and exploring associations using queries. Participants will learn best practices for organizing data and coding schemas across multiple data types, as well as concrete examples for how the software has been implemented in evaluation projects. Bring your questions and real-world challenges! All skill levels welcome but some prior experience with NVivo helpful. 

Facilitator: Noelle Wyman Roth is an evaluator with the Applied Research & Evaluation group at Duke University and a PhD student in Program Evaluation at UNC-Greensboro. She earned a BA in Political Science from Boston College and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University. Noelle is a Certified NVivo Trainer. 

Date & Time: 9/21/21, 11 AM EDT  |  4 PM BST  |  9/22/21, 1 AM AEST 
For questions about pre-conference workshops, please contact the conference organizers, Silvana di Gregorio, PhD and Stacy Penna, EdD at conference@qsrinternational.com