Fueling Nonprofit Research

Drive change and make a difference through intuitive, detailed qualitative data analysis.

Effect real change through data-driven insights

Programs benefiting public health, education, arts, social justice, and environmental causes all have one thing in common: the desire to make a genuine difference. Improve your nonprofit organization’s practices with clear insights and data-driven decisionmaking. 


Hold your nonprofit organization accountable for delivering on its mission. Combine data from multiple channels in order to accurately evaluate public opinion, stakeholder perception, and program outcomes in a transparent, unbiased evaluation.  


Whether you’re conducting individual interviews or global surveys, your goal is to use qualitative research to deliver change that matters. Centralize your data, conduct deeper analysis, and articulate findings using visualizations and insights.  


Analyze fundraising program results, evaluate donor feedback, and prepare grant applications. With NVivo, it becomes simple to defend the work you do in order to secure funding, engage with donors, and improve fundraising results.  

Make a lasting impact

NVivo is built to help you find deeper insights and drive genuine change through meaningful analysis. 

Track ongoing progress

When the aim is to drive change or raise funds in a specific window of time—such as before an election, budget period, or event—you need to be able to analyze performance data and derive insights quickly and clearly. Code your data based on the criteria you need to track to quickly discover trends in data that map back to insightful, quality-driven results. 

Map operations to impact

In mission-driven nonprofits that aim to affect change for a specific cause, it is critical to justify organizational operations and expenses with clear, detailed results. The change your nonprofit makes every day can be analyzed and defended through text-based and thematic analysis of case studies and program data. 

Engage donors & stakeholders

Compile feedback and conduct detailed reviews of data from sources such as surveys, audio transcripts, and social media in order to centralize feedback from donors and stakeholders and identify program needs. Share your program’s impact through charts, graphs, and other visualizations that articulate results. 

Gain funding

Nonprofit programs must defend their work in order to apply for grants, speak knowledgeably to donors, and make a case to receive additional funding. Demonstrate the impact of an investment and the potential for ongoing change with deep insights to make a clear case to secure the funding you need to excel at your mission. 


What people are saying

"We wanted to turn messy qualitative data into something that was easy to digest, and NVivo has allowed our team to do this. The purpose of using NVivo is to be able to evaluate ongoing programs, as we want our participants to have an impact on how the program is structured and delivered, which is very empowering for them. NVivo is the perfect tool for our needs, especially its ability to analyze audio files. Coming from an academic research background, I was quite familiar with the methodology, but I have also been able to easily teach the software to our other staff who come from a range of different professional backgrounds."

Rose Whitau, Shooting Stars Community Development Coordinator, Research Manager, Shooting Stars, Australia

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