Fueling Medical Research

Intuitive data analysis helps clinicians, healthcare providers, and researchers deliver the best possible patient outcomes. 

Robust results for improved health

Success in the healthcare industry requires a balance of expert knowledge, bedside manner, and administrative expertise. By gathering data on patient experience or for program evaluation, you can dive deep into data to discover new insights and deliver better patient care.


New treatments, medications, and therapies need to be tested before wide implementation. Centralize data from clinical trials and case studies to prepare for presentation and document treatment efficacy to gain insights and bring new ideas to market. 


Understanding your operations through ongoing analysis helps major healthcare providers get the insights they need to deliver on quality improvement and patient experience goals. 


Both private and government-funded programs benefit from qualitative data analysis to measure and report on program impact. By articulating results and impact, public health leaders can gain public awareness and make a case for increased funding. 

Enhancing treatment through analytical insight

NVivo is designed with researchers in mind, fueling data-driven decisionmaking and improving treatment quality. 

Manage large data volume

Great research comes from deep insights based on a range of data. With NVivo, it is simple to organize and manage qualitative data from multiple sources. Take advantage of a range of integrations to import data directly from Word and Excel, and social media and survey data from leading tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and SurveyMonkey. The NVivo - Integration add-in is currently included with all licenses for the latest release of NVivo at no cost for 12 months and enables direct import from Word and Excel.


Understand patient experience

People trust you to deliver the best possible care, and in order to do so you need a clear picture of the general sentiment and overall patient experience. Compile feedback and reviews, then compare them against quantitative metrics to understand what you need to do in order to help improve the way your patients view a visit to the hospital, or doctor’s office.


Defend your findings

Back up statistical research with insights from thematic analysis of qualitative data that articulates the importance of your work. Whether you’re testing new treatments, offering a teaching hospital program, or measuring patient outcomes, NVivo helps you centralize, code, and visualize your data for program evaluations, drug acceptability trials and systematic reviews.

Gain funding

Researchers within public health programs and clinical trials must defend their work in order to make a case to receive additional funding from private donors and government grants. Demonstrate patient outcomes, ongoing results, and past productivity with deep insights to make a clear case to secure the funding you need to make an impact.



What people are saying

“I have only been using NVivo for about 20 minutes and have very quickly realized that this is exactly what I have been looking for when undertaking literature reviews; perfectly simple yet remarkably powerful.”

Peter Crick, Medical Statistics Australia​

"NVivo has been a really good tool to use for data management and support analysis of projects. Its relatively easy to use and has multiple functionalities that have proved to improve the team efficiency and make better use of really rich data.“

Mahmoda Begum, Senior Consultant, The Strategy Unit, Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (UK)

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