Fueling Government Research

Drive policy changes that increase impact and meet the needs of the public through robust, defensible research. 

Make policies that matter

Government departments have a unique responsibility to deliver robust findings, and make comprehensive recommendations for policy and program enhancements, that stand up to scrutiny from stakeholders. NVivo gives you the analysis capabilities you need to make evidence-based decisions that stand up to inquiry and challenge.


When proposing new programs or changes to existing policies, you need evidence to back up your recommendations. Link your proposals to clear data with robust analysis so that your decisions will get buy-in from key stakeholders and stand up to scrutiny.  


Holding government departments and programs accountable to deliver results is an important task. Analyze program impact, assess areas of opportunity, and gauge public opinion using NVivo’s analysis capabilities. 


To defend your work or receive funding, you need to be able to present and articulate your findings. Keep an audit trail of your analysis process in NVivo, and use query tools to quickly answer any follow-up questions.

Powerful features for data-driven decisionmaking

Every aspect of NVivo is built to empower organizations to deliver impact. 

Understand public opinion

NVivo gives you the capability to centralize data from a wide variety of sources, including text, images, literature, video, surveys, and social media. The ability to analyze everything in one place gives government researchers the clearest picture of public opinion, making it simpler to present initiatives and propose policies in a way that makes sense for both the public and government stakeholders.

Organize consultations

When working with internal teams and third-party consultancies to identify gaps and propose solutions in public policy, you need to be able to consolidate data and keep responses organized. NVivo serves as your central hub for maintaining a clear audit trail and centralizing consultant recommendations to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Enhance transparency

Government agencies and government-funded research programs are held to different standards for transparency than private institutions. Present findings and demonstrate research methodology in a clear, concise, and timely manner with the ability to export visualizations and reports from your qualitative analysis to support communication with all relevant stakeholders. 

Drive impact

Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is spent, and want to know their government advocates for their needs. Integrate, explore, and make sense of social phenomena based datasets in order to identify the best use of government program budgets, and maximize impact in areas that matter most to the public.


What people are saying

“I work with professionals that have vision impairments, and I was very pleased to find that the NVivo interface was accessible to the JAWS screen reader program they use.”

Shawn Corcoran, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist, USA

“I recommend NVivo to all my fellow researchers! I’ve probably convinced 10 researchers to try and buy it. It’s absolutely the best software out there for qualitative analysis and is a game changer for literature reviews. I’m a huge fan!”

Dr. Coleen Crouch, Research Psychologist, ​Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (US Army), USA

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