Fueling Commercial Research

Use insightful, data-driven decision making in every department to save time and help your business grow.

Critical insights for a competitive edge

Organizations need data to make sure that evolution, innovation, and product offerings meet changing customer expectations. Qualitative and mixed methods analysis, fueled by NVivo, helps you look beyond the numbers and dive deep into what people are saying, and why they are saying it. NVivo gives you the tools to provide insights and articulate conclusions that will allow you to deliver what customers want, across your organization.

ReSearch & development

Your business exists to solve problems for your customers. Conduct detailed consumer analysis, compile feedback from product testing, and deliver insights to develop the best possible product - go to market knowing you will meet customer needs. 


Conduct market research, gauge public perception and identify the ideal audience for your product. Combine data from focus groups, online customer surveys, and social media to understand where your brand stands in the competitive landscape. 

human resourceS

Internal engagement and company culture research, such as surveys, gives employees the opportunity to voice concerns and allows HR teams to conduct detailed qualitative analysis of employee engagement and satisfaction.  

Work smarter with NVivo

NVivo is built to fuel insights, helping your business to insightfully serve customers and coworkers.  


Understand your product

Whether you’re in the initial development of a new product or researching potential enhancements to iterate and evolve your current product line, NVivo can help. Qualitative and consumer-focused research can bring together all the insights you need to go to market with the best possible product that meets customer needs. 


Analyze customer input

Your prospective and current customers have unique experiences with your offerings, and their feedback is highly valuable. Connect data from focus groups, customer service recordings, social media, and online surveys in order to have the most complete picture of your customer experience.


Identify new opportunities

With data in hand, you can easily identify ways to help your business grow. Understand market gaps, customer feedback, and cost and product inefficiencies, to continuously improve your offerings, solve problems for your customers, and stand out in a fiercely competitive environment.



Enhance engagement

Loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction are critical for business success, from both customers and current employees. By measuring engagement and delivering current and relevant insights to HR, marketing, and leadership teams, you can enhance your overall company culture and increase brand loyalty.


What people are saying

“They’re often quite blown away when the results are presented with NVivo. I can see the change in the business. It changes the way they see things, it changes how they talk, they start changing their goals.”

Zoe Rosen, UX Researcher 

“I used NVivo for qualitative data analysis of my dissertation research. I’m so glad I did! The software made the task much more pleasant and easy to keep an accurate account of. I’ll definitely recommend it to others.”

Dr. Dannetta Rivers, Counselor and Creative Entrepreneur, USA


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