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Deeper insights and more robust analysis

Academic researchers are analytical thinkers and their research has an impact on social change and development. Whether you’re a student working towards a degree, a professor looking to publish papers, or a researcher applying for grants, NVivo is the ideal software to conduct qualitative and mixed methods analysis, prepare for publication, and draw acclaim to your institution.


Ideal for dissertations and thesis presentations, NVivo streamlines qualitative and mixed-methods analysis and literature reviews. NVivo helps students in social sciences, health, psychology, and more consolidate their learnings and think critically.


NVivo helps professors guide students and colleagues in both classroom settings and academic research projects. Keep students up to date with research practices, push them to think critically and analytically, and prepare them for the next step in their career.


Academic research can be the basis for revolutionary social insights that impact real world situations. NVivo is the premier software companion for collecting, analyzing and preparing your groundbreaking research for peer review and publication.

Powerful features for richer insights

Every aspect of NVivo is built with researchers in mind, from initial data collection to final presentation. 

Centralize your data

Great research comes from a range of data collection techniques leading to deep insights. With NVivo, it's simple to organize and manage qualitative data from a multitude of sources. Take advantage of a range of integrations to import data directly from Word and Excel, and social media and survey data from leading tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and SurveyMonkey. The NVivo - Integration add-in is currently included with all licenses free for 12 months and enables direct import from Word and Excel.

NVivo lets you import and work with research data from virtually any source, including surveys, interviews, articles, video, email, social media and web content, rich or plain text, PDF, audio, digital photos, spreadsheets, and notes from integrated third-party applications.


In-depth analysis

Code your data in a way that makes the most sense for your research. Begin with a structured framework, or let codes emerge through interpretation. Matrix coding queries and visualizations let you quickly identify patterns and themes. Use crosstabs to compare how the answers to an open-ended question vary compared to answers to a closed-ended question.

Publish findings

When you’re ready to publish your findings, NVivo makes it simple. Begin your writing in NVivo using memos to link to the evidence in your data and the literature to support your arguments. Add visualizations to bring the data to life and make your findings publication-ready. Add citations and bibliographic data from integrated bibliographic apps or memos, then export to finalize your work for publication. 

Share & collaborate

Your research doesn’t have to be conducted on your own. Collaborate with your fellow researchers to gain insight and input on your analysis. If you work with another research facility on campus or at another institution, NVivo Collaboration can support shared research in a cloud-based environment or on a local server for your specific needs. Share and report your conclusions with exportable images, diagrams, tables, and documents - easily present to students, colleagues, and grant boards.


What people are saying

"I am just starting to use the software and I am amazed. It is extremely powerful, but easy to use. I was afraid there would be a steep learning curve, but I was able to jump right into my work. It has been a great tool so far and I expect to love it more as I spend more time working with it."
John Miller​, Director of Campus Ministry, Houghton College, USA

“It’s a one-stop-shop for my qualitative research. I save literature, code, establish themes, memo, export my work, etc. I really love how NVivo is supporting my research and other projects.”

William Ankomah, PhD Candidate, Brock University, Canada​

“The software is intuitive, user-friendly and excellent. It meets my research needs and provides room for growth and learning. I'm learning exciting new techniques in mixed-methods.”

Charles Conteh, Associate Professor, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

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