Streamline your Writing

Gain new power for your research with Citavi

Enjoy the Freedom that Centralized Reference Management, Writing & Collaboration Offers

Everyone conducting research in today’s world faces the common challenges of time constraints, remote collaboration, information overload and how to keep data, notes and references organized. With Citavi, the only all-in-one note taking and reference management application, you can make it a breeze.

Focus on Your Research

“Citavi sets your mind free to think and be creative.”
Helene Silkjær, Aarhus University

Make Managing Sources Easy
Store and organize all of your references centrally so you can focus on your research, not admin.

  • Add PDFs, documents, books and reference libraries
  • Easily categorize, group and add tasks to references
  • View past search results
  • Click to import web-based sources as you work
  • Avoid accidental plagiarism with citations that are automatically added to quotations
  • Search for additional sources in over 4,500 databases and catalogs
Streamline Your Writing 

Create an outline as you work so that when it’s time to write, you’re already set up and ready to go.

  • Highlight and make notes on sources as you review them
  • Save quotations and ideas as you work 
  • Insert the outline you’ve created with comments, images and quotations, straight into Word
  • Automate citation and bibliography creation - over 11,000 styles available
  • With automatic linking, never misplace reference data for a quote or note again
Enjoy Effortless Collaboration

Empower your team to succeed with a reference management tool designed for collaboration. 

  • Thrive in today’s remote world, with teams of any size, and members in any location effortlessly working together
  • Streamline workflows by assigning and tracking tasks within your project, so all members can easily see status and progress in one place
  • Tailor your environment and security requirements - work together in the cloud, or with all data stored locally on a server 

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what people are saying

Citavi doesn’t just help me write my research papers, it also helps me structure my ideas and thoughts during the preparation phase.
I tried many reference management programs, and I must say that no-one gets near Citavi for completeness, ease of use and efficiency. The integrated ‘knowledge organization’ and ‘task planner’ are truly killer features!
Citavi sets your mind free to think and be creative.
Streamline your Writing
Gain new power with Citavi to focus on what counts - your research.