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I recommend NVivo to all my fellow researchers! I've probably convinced 10 researchers to try and buy it. It's absolutely the best software out there for qualitative analysis and is a game changer for literature reviews. I'm a huge fan!
Dr. Coleen Crouch, Research Psychologist, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (US Army)
Discovering NVivo Transcription meant I didn't have to transcribe numerous interviews myself, it saved me so much time that's better spent working on my dissertation.  It was easy to use and intuitive, and produced a transcript that I was then able to edit as needed.
Megan Reinle, PhD Student, Capella University
I tried many reference management programs, and I must say that no-one gets near Citavi for completeness, ease of use and efficiency. The integrated 'knowledge organization' and 'task planner' are truly killer features!
Stefano Adamo, University of Banja Luka
Sonia has been the guiding light this past academic year for not only Field, but the School of Social Work as a whole. We have been able to capture trends and data that previously went unaddressed and unnoticed. The amount of support and availability of the product experts and all others who took time to respond to us via help@soniasupport.com greatly assisted in this transition. I am excited for what is to come!
Jessica Turner, Field Program Coordinator, School of Social Work – Morgan State University

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