Laura Lagendyk MSc


Location training services can be provided:
Canada (Alberta) and USA

Products covered:

  • NVivo 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Windows
  • NVivo for Mac

About Laura:

Laura Lagendyk has 15+ years’ experience leading academic and applied health research and evaluation teams and projects. With her accumulated knowledge she supports others by teaching them how to use NVivo and apply it in their work, either in classroom workshops or through custom sessions (in person or virtual) with individuals and teams. Laura can teach, coach, mentor, and lead teams through all phases of evidence gathering and analysis and will modify her services to match your needs, use and application of NVivo in qualitative and mixed methods work. Examples of supported projects include mixed methods evaluation of a community wellness network, environmental scans in health services settings, longitudinal mixed methods research studies in the areas of women’s health and primary care, and analysis of large datasets of open- ended survey question responses.

Her publications include:

  • Hofmeyer, A, Scott , CM, and Lagendyk, LE. Researcher-decision-maker partnerships in health services research: Practical challenges, guiding principles BMC Health Services Research 2012, 12:280.
  • Lagendyk LE, Thurston WE. A case study of volunteers providing labour and childbirth support in hospitals in Canada. Midwifery 2005;21(1):14-22.
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  • Meadows LM, Lagendyk LE, Thurston WE, Eisener AC. Balancing culture, ethics and methods in qualitative health research with Aboriginal peoples. International Journal of Qualitative Methods 2003;2(4):Article 1. Available: 
  • Patient First Strategy Consultation.
  • Scott, CM and Lagendyk, LE. Contexts and Models in Primary Care and their Impact on Interprofessional Relationships. CHSRF REISS Grants, Final Report. April 2012. http://www.cfhi- E.pdf?sfvrsn=0